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Since 2018, we have installed solar streetlights, built a pilot classroom, replaced the roof of St. Mary's Church, implemented a pilot agricultural project, paid teachers' salaries, and now we are beginning construction of the new St. Agnes complex.

Solar Streetlights

Bolahun World Wide, in coordination with the Episcopal Elementary and High Schools Alumni Association, Robertsport, Liberia, and Christ Church New Brighton, Staten Island, NY, raised $15,000 USD to install solar streetlights at the St. Agnes School. The three organizations raised $5,000 with t-shirt sales, a GoFundMe site, and private donations, and then won a grant of $10,000 from the Diocese of New York's Sustainable Development Goals program. Watch the video of our thank-you to the Diocese at their annual convention, Oct. 15, 2022. 

The Streetlight Installation

Building a Pilot Classroom

At the second annual convention in Silver Spring Maryland which was held in June of 2015, the Bolahun World Wide membership unanimously elected to rebuild the St. Agnes Elementary School into a modern elementary school. The membership agreed to the rebuilding of the elementary school as the best starting point, and in December of 2019, BWW and Bolahun Alumni Family and Friends Association (BAFFA) broke grounds for the first building. 

Replacing the Roof of St. Mary's Church


The original roof of St. Mary’s Church in Bolahun was replaced with eighteen-gauge long-span aluminum zinc. This is the first time the church’s roof has been replaced. The project was executed by the BWW Liberia Team, with the support of the Priest in Charge, Fr. William Korpu, Principal Lawrence Maxim, and the people of Bolahun.


BWW awarded the technical contract to Future Builders Incorporated. The total cost to replace the roof of St. Mary’s Church was $13,093. Of this amount, Christ Our Savior Episcopal Church donated $8,000 and BWW USA contributed $5,593. World Of Life International allocated $1,460 for painting the interior and exterior.

Roads To Health
Sustainable Agriculture Project 


The BWW, World Of Life International, and the Roads To Health Sustainable Agriculture Project is on schedule. Mr. Andrew Fuah is the agriculturist in charge of project execution. He assisted by Principal Maxim and closely monitored by our BWW Liberia team. The team have identified a marketing strategy to increase maximum income. We received a $2,000 cash donation towards the $5,000 needed for this project. 

The goal of the sustainable agriculture project is that the sale of crops will help sustain the Bolahun Mission School Systems by providing supplemental funding to cover salaries and direct expenses. In particular, the farm will produce, process, and sell:


  • peppers

  • plantains

  • other crops such as cassava, corn, eddoes, and pineapples 

The project also makes use of the human, communal, and natural resources of both the Bolahun community and school to maintain the agriculture project.

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