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About Bolahun Worldwide

Bolahun Worldwide Organization (BWW-USA) was established in 2006 by and for the people who are beneficiaries of the three institutions established by the Holy Cross Missionaries in Bolahun, their siblings and friends. BWW operates exclusively as a non-for-profit organization as defined under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. The organization is headquartered in the United States of America, and the articles of incorporation are established in Euclid, Ohio.


Membership of the organization is open to all alumni, former students, family, and friends of the Episcopal Church schools in Bolahun, Lofa County, and anyone who subscribes to the ideals and aspirations of the organization.


Since the establishment of BWW, we have had many national conventions and recruited about 200 members. Our first interim chairman was Professor Henri Hali of New Jersey, who served in that capacity for about 7 years and served as national president for 4 more years. He retired in 2017 and Asumana K Pelima, Sr., was elected as national president for 3 years.

  • The purpose and objectives of BWW are to: organize and rally support for the sustenance of the Bolahun Episcopal School System and its affiliated institutions;

  • Contribute charitably to the operations of the Bolahun Episcopal School System and its affiliated institutions.

  • ​Collaborate with anyone or entity that espouses and subscribes to the ideals and aspirations of BWW for the development of the Bolahun Episcopal School System and affiliated institutions;

  • Enhance educational, social, economic, Episcopal religious doctrine as well as promote the cultural heritage of Liberia;

  • Promote understanding, cohesiveness, goodwill, brotherhood, belonging and socialization among its membership. 


Bolahun World Wide National Officers:

Asumana K Pelima Sr: National President
Amos Bongorlie: National Vice  President
Fayah Kanda Sr.: National Treasurer
Mr. Amos Bongolee: Interim National Secretary
Joseph Senah Sr.: Interim National Financial Secretary 

Annual Conventions

Convention 2021: 

National President Asumana K. Pelima, Sr:


Let me start once again by welcoming and appreciating you for risking all to attend this convention during these tough times, when our country and the world is faced with the global COVID-19 pandemic. I am convinced you are ready to do anything for Bolahun....

We want to extend our appreciation to you for allowing us to serve as your National Officers for more than three years. Our leadership was supported by a core group of elected officers, chapter leaders, and several members who served on committees. Together we executed a leadership concept that welcomed everyone into the decision-making process....

During the fiscal year covering the period June 2019, immediately following the  convention in Newark, and June 2020, our leadership focused on following resolutions:

  • Implement proposed Pilot Sustainable Agricultural Project in Bolahun.

  • Replace the Roof of St. Mary’s Church in Bolahun, 

  • Revamp relationships and strengthen established chapters and establish additional ones.

  • Establish and register BWW in Liberia as a local non-governmental organization (NGO).

  • Travel to Liberia to evaluate how our investment of about $11,000 in the St Agnes School Pilot project and others have affected Bolahun.

  • Identify and interact with our Bolahun Family and understand their real needs. We also had plans to meet with Episcopal Church Bishop the Rev Dr Johnathan Hart.


Click here for President Asu Pelima's complete remarks (as a PDF). 

President’s Message, Post Convention 2021

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your overwhelming support for Convention 2021. We succeeded in executing our first in-person and remote convention because of your love for Bolahun and commitment to BWW....

  • Financial Goal: Our financial goal launched at Convention 2021 is $35,000. Of this amount, $20,000 is for the St Agnes Elementary School Building Project and $15,000 for the St Mary Church Renovation. To date, we have raised $15,000 and our goal is to raise the remaining $20,000 by January of 2022 to complete both projects before assembling in Minnesota for Convention 2022.


Click here for President Asu Pelima's complete remarks (as a PDF)

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