As we celebrate our sixth annual convention and begin deliberations on how we can better interact with each other and develop concrete plans for promoting a positive Bolahun Agenda, let me express our sincere appreciation to the leadership of the newly established New Jersey/New York Chapter for accepting to host us and for providing such hospitable environment for Convention 2019.  Our appreciation also goes to the Convention Planning Committee headed by Our National Vice President Dr. Vivian Ballah-Swaray and New Jersey/New York Chapter President Mrs. Victoria Cheeks, all National Officers, and Chapter Officers.

Our focus in this year’s message is UNITY. We strongly believe it is only when all Bolahun Family and Friends work together in harmony can we accomplish our common goal of rebuilding this historic legacy given to us as a precious gift from God. Over the last few years we have seen and continue to see challenges and obstacles attempting to impede our efforts both here and in Liberia. Bolahun Family and Friends, “Unity is a famous ingredient for every successful recipe. Be it strengthening family bonds, winning games, or experiencing mere miracles of friendship, unity plays an important role in achieving everything that is positive”. The Bolahun Agenda is positive. We are therefore appealing to all Bolahun stakeholders to please put our differences aside and begin a new page in supporting a transparent Bolahun Agenda.

Because of our efforts to unite, organize  BWW-USA, and assemble as family annually, we are proud to report several accomplishments which is a clear indication we are moving in the right direction. Shortly After our Convention in Minneapolis Minnesota, we shipped ten hospital beds with accessories to the Bolahun health center, we have completed a pilot project by building the first new classroom at St Agnes since the departure of the missionaries, we’ve established partnership with The Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Palm Bay Florida. This leadership and congregation accepted $22,000.00 budget from BAAFA/BWW-USA to renovate St, Mary’s Church in Bolahun in several phases. BWW USA  received a check of $8,000.00 from the Episcopal Church of Our Savior Leadership in March, to implement phase one the renovation project which is to replace the Roof of St Mary’s Church. Renovation work on St Mary's Church will commence at the beginning of the next dry season in Liberia around October-November time frame.

BWW-USA in partnership with the BAFFA Leadership and the Authorities in Bolahun have decided to renovate and modernize the current St Agnes School buildings to preserve its legacy and to construct additional new buildings.  Renovation, restoration, and construction of new buildings will begin shortly after convention 2019. At Convention 2019 we will also develop strategies that will enable us to provide sustainable financial support to the Bolahun Schools while we implement reconstruction.

Ladies and Gentlemen Bolahun Worldwide USA is committed to rebuilding the Legacy of the Missionaries in Bolahun, we welcome all Bolahun Stakeholders and encourage you to work  with BAFFA Leadership in Liberia and BWW  Leadership in the USA to fulfill this noble goal.

On behalf of BWW-USA Officers and Members, My Wife, and Family We would like to express a warm welcome to you for joining us in The Garden State for Convention 2019.

"Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Let Us All Put Bolahun First!!

Respectfully Yours

Asumana K Pelima Sr

National President BWW-USA