BWW Visits Holy Cross Monastery

What better place could we have taken our campaign to solicit support for BWW’s Plan to rebuild the three institutions established by the Holy Cross Missionaries in 1922 than the Holy Cross Monetary in West Park New York, where it all began? A BWW Delegation headed by Ways and Means Committee Chairman the Rev Dr. Sam Kparku Ndoleh, BWW Treasurer Fayia Kanda, and   Priest in charge of St Mary’s Church in Bolahun Fr. William Momo travelled to Holy Cross Monastery on July 25, 2018 for two unique reasons. For Fr. Momo to thank the Monks for sending Fr. Parsell’s ashes of to be buried in Bolahun and for BWW to present our plan for St. Agnes Reconstruction.

The delegation arrived at the Monastery about 10:00 AM since I was unable to travel I joined the business session via telephone. In attendance were Br. Robert James Magliula, Superior of OHC Br. Laurence Harms, OHC Monastery Role: Elder. After introductions, Fr William Momo Extended Thanks to the Monks on behalf of the entire Bolahun Family for their kindness in allowing Fr. Parsell’s ashes to be sent to Bolahun for burial.  He also eloquently presented an up to date description of what Bolahun is like today and its needs. Ways and Means committee Chairman Dr Sam Ndorleh distributed and presented our proposal which outlines detail Plan to rebuild St. Agnes including timeline.

Brother’s Roberts and Lawrence were very encouraged by our plan and desire to rebuild and continue the Legacy the Holy Cross Monastery established in Bolahun Liberia. This is the first time an organized entity has visited The Holy Cross Monastery with a plan on behalf of Bolahun. The outcome of the formal discussions was very encouraging. This session ended with a brief presentation from me about our vision, strategy, and efforts we are making to break grounds for this project by December of 2018 and how we intend to raise funds to support implementation of our project. The delegation toured the Monastery after the formal meeting and departed after dinner with the Monks.

Dear Bolahun Family, our visit to Holy Cross Monastery is just the beginning. Our goal is to partner with as many institutions, churches, and individuals who subscribes to our shared goals for rebuilding these 3 vital institutions in Bolahun. During the coming weeks, we will be communicating with all Bolahun stakeholders who have pledged to our capital campaign to start making payments. We will also identify and solicit pledges from all Bolahun Stakeholders who have not yet pledged to please make a pledge or a onetime donation.

All pledges are fully tax deductible. All funds allocated for Reconstruction and other project intended for Bolahun will be deposited in a Trust Fund Account managed by the BWW Trustee. Our goal is to escalate awareness about our development agenda for Bolahun amongst all Bolahun Stakeholders and Friends. We will continue to create opportunities and forums were all Bolahun stakeholders will be welcome to actively participate in these noble efforts.

“When it comes to what’s best for Bolahun, all are welcome”.