Dear Bolahun Family and Friend of Bolahun


On behalf of Bolahun Worldwide USA (BWW-USA), we are pleased to inform you about the Bolahun Schools Reconstruction and Agriculture Project. We ask for your financial contributions. Your financial contribution will be used:


To Implement the St. Agnes Construction project which includes Building the Structure as designed into reliable learning facilities where teachers can start conducting classed by the 2021/2022 school year. 

The estimated cost of the St. Agnes Construction Project is about $1,500,000.00.  (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars). BWW USA has completed a Pilot project by constructing a single classroom.


To Establish a Sustainable Agricultural Project.  The estimated cost to launch the Sustainable Agriculture Project is $5,000.


To Replace the roof of the St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

Our current efforts to raise funds to meet meeting the above three goals:

The estimated cost to renovate St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is about $23,000. Of this amount, $8,000.00 has been donated by the Church of Our Savior, Palm Bay, FL. In honor of Fr. Fredrick Vani. Work on replacing Church roof begins in November 2019.

BWW-USA Goal is to emulate our Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, and Sisters who have made enormous contributions over the years to sustain Bolahun’ s Legacy since the departure of the Episcopal Missionaries. These prior and current efforts have paid off in a big way.


However, due to circumstances beyond our control, The St. Agnes Elementary School lies in ruins today. All elementary school classes are conducted in makeshift classrooms in the Junior and Senior High Schools, which also need significant improvements.


Our goal is to rebuild the elementary school now and subsequently the junior and senior high schools. We are asking you and your family to please join us accomplish this noble goal.

We value your generous financial contributions and so we have set up a mechanism to ensure there is total accountability and transparency for how much is collected and spent. In this regard, we have established BWW-USA Trustee to manage all Bolahun Reconstruction Funds. The Trustee is Chaired by Professor Henri Hali, and regular progress and financial reports will be made available by the Trustee.

We have also established the Bolahun Reconstruction Checking Account where all funds can be deposited directly or via various legal wire transfer methods. The Account Name is Bolahun Worldwide Inc at Bank of America. 

Account number is 381055543419.  You can make a one-time contribution or could set up direct deposit for regular payments deducted from your paycheck/checking account or debit/credit card. The Account Routing Number is: 021200339. You can also mail payments to the Treasurer of the Trustee; The Rev Dr. Sam Kpaku Ndorleh at: P. O. Box 5379 Philadelphia PA 19142.


BWW-USA is a registered 501C3 Non-Profit Organization. All Contributions to BWW-USA are tax deductible. Please accept our sincere appreciation for your continued support to Bolahun and its institutions.


Respectfully Yours,


Korpo Morlu-Mendscole

Assistant Secretary General


Asumana K Pelima Sr

National President 



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