History and Objective of Bolahunworldwide



Bolahun Worldwide Organization (BWW-USA) was established in 2006 by and for the people who are beneficiaries of the three institutions established by the Holy Cross Missionaries in Bolahun, their siblings and friends. BWW shall operate exclusively as a non-for-profit organization as defined under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. The organization is headquartered in the United States of America, in the City and State in which the articles of incorporation are established in Euclid Ohio.


Membership of the organization shall be opened to all alumni, former students, family, and friends of the Episcopal Church schools in Bolahun, Lofa County, and anyone who subscribes to the ideals and aspirations of the organization and their spouses.


Since the establishment of BWW, we have had 5 National Conventions and recruited about 200 members. Our first Interim Chairman was Professor Henri Hali of New Jersey who served in that capacity for about 7 years and served as National President for 4 more years. He retired in 2017 and Asumana K Pelima Sr. was elected as National President for 3 years.



  • The purpose and objectives of BWW shall be to: organize and rally support for the sustenance of the Bolahun Episcopal School System and its affiliated institutions;


  • Contribute charitably to the operations of the Bolahun Episcopal School System and its affiliated institutions.

  • Collaborate with anyone or entity that espouses and subscribes to the ideals and aspirations of BWW for the development of the Bolahun Episcopal School System and affiliated institutions;


  • Enhance educational, social, economic, Episcopal religious doctrine as well as promote the cultural heritage of Liberia;


  • Promote understanding, cohesiveness, goodwill, brotherhood, belonging and socialization among its membership. 

St. Agnes School Project

Our vision is to rebuild the entire institution from Pre-School to Senior High School. Our plan is to begin with the reconstruction of St Agnes Elementary School and eventually the Middle and High Schools. We will also support developments at the St Joseph Hospital and St Mary’s Church.

  • Reconsidering the Initial Project Plan:


A resolution was made during the 2018 annual Convention to revisit the Project plan with the view to adopting a more realistic approach and reraming the cost narrative. While the vision and project justification remained valid and relevant, it was the considered opinion that the cost associated with achieving the ultimate goal was not tenable and realistic.

Following the town hall meeting with the people of Bolahun, a new proposed cost estimate of USD $19,592.65 to renovate and rehabilitate Saint Agnes School was submitted to the BWW administration for consideration. Under advisement, the Executive Committee of BWW meet on 07/20 and overwhelmingly endorsed the proposal from the people of Bolahun.

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History of St Agnes


In 1932 the St. Agnes Episcopal Elementary School was officially opened as a girls’ school, but due to need soon became (CO-ED).  In 1941 St. Agnes closed.  In 1946, St. Agnes was reinstated and the 4th grade was added to the school curriculum 5th and 6th grades were eventually added.


From 1946 to 1990, the school continued to educate and served as a feeder program for the high school in Bolahun and the rest of Lofa County. Many young men and women have passed through the walls of St. Agnes becoming prominent and distinguished people in Liberia and around the world.


In 2014, under the BAFFA Leadership of the school reopened and is currently being housed in a few of the buildings on the campus of the St. Cyprian and St. Augustine High School in Bolahun.  The new school will replace the need to use these temporary facilities that are not safe to house young children.





Bolahun is located in Wanwoma Clan, Kolahun District, Lofa County in Northwestern Liberia.  The town is approximately 250 miles from the coastal area of Liberia. The establishment of the OHC mission in once obscured village in 1922 transformed Bolahun into an academic center of learning in Northwestern Liberia. The establishment of school, church, and hospital by the missionaries led to Bolahun becoming a center of learning and spiritual and physical healing.

The Schools educated students who became prominent leaders, educators, scientists, medical doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, social workers, and architects. The Church planted the seed of the Christian Faith that positively shaped the minds and characters of generations of Liberians and non-Liberians who have contributed immensely to the betterment of humanity.

The St. Joseph Hospital, under the care of European and American medical doctors and local nurses, provided treatments for tropical and other diseases for patients from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The schools, church and hospital catered to the needs of various ethnic groups and nationalities that came in numbers and settled in Bolahun.

For more than half a century (1922 – 1980s), the work of the OHC missionaries and the settlement of different ethnic groups and nationalities transformed Bolahun into a metropolitan center in northwestern Liberian hinterland.



 By Sam B. Ngovo, PhD